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Tuning in

Developing and sustaining curiosity about what is discovered within  is often the beginning of a pathway toward new possibilities.  It is in pushing away, trying to ignore and distract from experiencing parts of oneself that seem to ooze out in ways that are problematic that those parts often become “louder”, more insistent to have their [...]

Brynna's Blog

Swimming in a river of feelings

I recently heard a great quote.  It goes something like this: “I can navigate the river of feelings because I know how to swim”.  I know that paying attention to difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences can be scary and sometimes feel overwhelming.  But, in a safe setting and at a safe pace, tuning into, examining [...]


I have provided psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples and families since 1994.  In my experience healing, growth and change is possible in the context of a therapeutic relationship. My approach is collaborative, empowering and non-pathologizing.

I will guide you in getting to know parts of yourself you may have only had a glimmer of in the past, and learning about other parts you may already know.  We will increase your awareness of underlying beliefs and heighten your ability to tune into and better meet your own needs.

Often, I facilitate the resolution of internal conflicts, and guide the healing from family-of-origin and long-standing pain as well as more recent challenges.  I will help you to better tolerate your emotions and bodily sensations, developing an enhanced ability to soothe yourself in healthful ways;  you will develop a greater ability to just be and trust in your Self.  This is what allows us to step outside of old/automatic patterns and tune into what is possible now.

Talking, visualization, raising awareness of beliefs, feelings, behavior, and bodily sensations are some of the therapy methods I use. My clients create relationships with greater intimacy and become more consistently authentic, creative and effective in their lives.