About Me

I am both a Certified Coherence therapist and a Certified IFS practitioner.
I completed my Masters degree  in Clinical Social Work in 1994 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1996.  My initial training focused on structural and strategic family therapy.  Since 1998 I have deepened my work by studying and practicing Coherence Therapy and then in 2002 began in depth training in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).
“Walking my talk” is essential to me.  In other words,  I know that my own personal healing and growth are the most significant basis from which I am able to be effective with my clients.  So, I pay attention to this and put on-going effort into my own growth and tend to my own needs so that I may have the best chance at making a difference with my clients.  I love my work and it is a privilege to do it.  I look forward to exploring how I may be of service to you.